Free Migration!

Are you in need of a managed dedicated or virtual server? We are providing a $1,000 migration credit for a limited time to qualified accounts. Contact us today to learn how we can move your complex web site application easily and affordably!

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Why should I choose Polar Design for hosting?

Polar Design's Hosting solutions are price competitive for dedicated and managed solutions. We also provide value in other ways - by taking care of every aspect of your online hosting needs, from the bandwidth, to the operating system on your server, to the applications that run on it. This will save you time and money that you would otherwise waste dealing with multiple vendors.

We are a full service interactive agency as well as a full service managed hosting company which means that unlike many hosting companies, we can look under the hood of your applications and assist in solving issues unrelated to your servers or connectivity as well. This means that unlike with companies focused only on hosting, a call to us for an issue is that last call you will make to get a solution.

What guarantees do you provide?

We guarantee 99.9% uptime on all dedicated, managed and e-commerce accounts. Contact us to learn about all of our money back guarantees.

How do I know my data and applications are safe?

We host our servers in a Class A facility which has redundant power, fire protection, and multiple levels of physical security to prevent intrusion. We provide nightly backups as part of all dedicated, managed and application hosting packages. We have developed secure applications for a number of clients in healthcare and insurance and are able to advise you on securing your Internet solution.

Will I lose all of my emails if I migrate to you?

Generally, no, although we will need the cooperation of your existing host to ensure a smooth transition.

I am concerned about the cost of moving my web site to you.

We understand that the additional cost of migration is a concern that can prevent companies from making a move away from a host that does not meet their needs. That is why we offer a $1,000 migration credit toward the cost of migrating your web site to a dedicated or managed web site package. Please contact us to learn more about how we can make your migration as easy as possible!