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Dedicated Servers

Hardware Specifications
+ Available in standalone or virtual configurations
+ Standalone dedicated physical servers in 1U or 2U format, with dual physical mirrored servers available for redundancy
+ 24/7 comprehensive monitoring
+ RAID 0 standard
+ RAID 5 available with 3+ drives
+ 2 Mirrored 250 Mb HDs standard, up to 1 Gb HD
+ 100 Gb or more of monthly throughput standard
+ Cpanel License and Installation

Support Included
+ Up to 1 hr remote hands per month
+ Routing of monitoring notices to a contact you designate
+ 4 - 12 hours technical or end-user support for questions, patching, etc. annually based on package
+ Additional support available with managed hosting packages or a maintenance contract

+ Packages start at $300/mo.

If you operate a large web site, require extensive file transfer capacity, or require extensive access of your hosted applications, such as hosted email, hosted CRM, or other mission critical application, a dedicated server or even multiple load balanced dedicated servers are the only appropriate solution.

We provide dedicated servers from brand name sources and take responsibility for all hardware support and failures.

Our comprehensive monitoring can be adapted to measure and track operation (or failure) of applications, services or pages that you need to operate for your business continuity.