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Polar Design Hosting Benefits in Brief

Not Just a Host

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Comprehensive Monitoring

Custom Solutions


Programming Expertise

Security Expertise


Application Support

Personal Service

Polar Design: A Turnkey Managed Hosting Provider

Polar Design is a decade old interactive agency that has successfully designed and hosted complex web site and software solutions since 1999. We founded our hosting division with the belief that a hosting company should be able to solve any problem, or answer any question about your hosted web sites or applications. Whether your question is as simple as setting up an e-mail account or as involved as deploying a HIPAA compliant hosted application, we have a range of experts on staff that can assist you.

If you are reading about Polar Design for the first time and new to hosting, we are especially interesting in working with you so that you avoid learning the hard way what many of our clients dealt with before choosing us:
  1. specializing hosting companies that focus only on providing you a server, which require that you work with multiple uncoordinated vendors
  2. large hosting companies that primarily want to generate a lot of volume without providing real quality service, resulting in slow turnaround to solution of more complicated issues

Why Polar Design Hosting is Right for Marketing Professionals

You have more important things to do than worry about whether your goals - sales, leads, secure and smooth operations - aren't met daily. You know that your application is complex - you needed it that way to accomplish your objectives. However, you don't want to hear about it!

We don't point fingers when one part of your site or application is down - we employ IT, software development, design and marketing professionals, which allows as to act as a true single point of contact for any web site or web application issue.

Why Polar Design Hosting is Right for IT Professionals

If you are a seasoned IT professional and you a specialized application that requires customizations such as deploying special C++ libraries or ActiveX components, unique firewall configurations, older variations of PHP, or any of the other myriad exceptions that can come as a requirement with custom developed or legacy software, you know that finding a company that can install exactly what you need, support it on the software as well as OS layer, assist you in evolving that application and do all of the above at a reasonable price... well that's a tall order.

Its an order that Polar Design Hosting hopes to fill!

Consider our reasonable managed hosting prices and $1,000 migration credit as proof of our commitment to your operations and contact us today for an instant quote!